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Aquatic Apatetic

Artist Statement 


The artistic themes of the body of work Aquatic Apatetic encompass Jo Stacey’s love of the natural environment, sustainable living, community and a sense of place.  These themes are reflected in her choice of subject, carefully selected materials and methods to create her art pieces.  


The artworks comprising “Aquatic Apatetic” is the result of Jo attaining her open water diver certification, this has enabled her to spend a more time submerged in the underwater environment, most recently at John Brewer Reef off shore from Townsville (home to the Museum of Underwater Art.  The word “Apatetic” is defined as having natural camouflage of imitative colouration or form.   For these works Jo has observed some of the beautiful specimens from the reef - from the blue-green colouration and tattoo markings of the Maori Wrasse to the distinctive yet deceptive spots of the Barramundi Cod.  


Jo Stacey


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